• Welcome to CreditGurus

At CreditGurus, we’re more than just a company we are a groundbreaking online credit improvement company based in the heart of Canada.

Our mission is clear, to provide a safe, judgment-free space for individuals to transform their credit situation without financial burden.

Our innovative platform relies on two pillars:




SCREEN, our cutting-edge analysis program, digs deep into your credit profile, uncovering personalized insights and opportunities.

Complementing this is SIMPLICITY, an intuitively designed app presenting credit improvement solutions clearly and accessibly.

  • Through our CreditGurus process, countless clients have triumphed over challenges, silencing collection calls, achieving balanced budgets, and conquering financial stress.
  • In an industry ripe for transformation, CreditGurus leads the charge, breaking barriers that hinder credit improvement.
  • No more worrying about costs, embarrassment, or overwhelming complexities.
  • We believe every individual deserves a chance to enhance their credit without feeling burdened.
  • What warms our hearts is the genuine care we have for our clients.
  • Consider CreditGurus your gateway to a new financial horizon.

CreditGurus was created to help people like Andrea*


  • Has less than perfect credit.
  • Has a lot of credit card debt.
  • Deals with financial stresses like collection calls and feelings of failure.

Andrea tried to lend her way out of her current situation and applied for an auto loan.

She did not receive an approval.

The retailer told her about CreditGurus to help her resolve her credit issues.

Andrea created her FREE PROFILE.

CreditGurus analysed her credit situation without affecting her credit score.

CreditGurus connected her to the right expert, who provided her with the advice and legal options to move forward!

24 Days Later:

  • Her budget was balanced
  • Collection calls ended
  • Old vehicle is gone
  • And she is driving a more affordable car

Andrea used the CreditGurus platform for FREE.

Receives her FREE coaching every month.

If you can relate to Andrea and need help, then let’s get started!

*While we changed the name, this is an example of a recent CreditGurus client.

We Understand

  • Things come up that can affect your credit score.
  • Bad things happen to good people.
  • The frustrations of credit/financial difficulties
Where you are more than just a credit score!

Our CreditGuru specialists will

  • Things come up that can affect your credit score.
  • Bad things happen to good people.
  • The frustrations of credit/financial difficulties

Check out what people are saying!

“Got my paystub and soon as I opened it I felt a little panic started calculating automatically. I told myself there’s nothing to worry about everything is going to be ok. 2yr habit juggling numbers every 2wks. I like that alert from the credit score, it gives me a goal to hear that more often ok have a great afternoon. Ttyl after I look more into everything. One thing at a time. Right now working on getting everything set and about. “

” Seriously Fred, I felt so alone and helpless but that’s the Capricorn in me; I don’t ever want to give up. So asking for help was a big step.  Thanks for being out there and the Lindsey team.”


  • Is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Will understand their credit.
  • Will receive free monthly credit coaching!