How Credit Inquiries Lower Your Score

Making credit inquiries may affect your score depending on the type of inquiry you have made. Equifax and TransUnion are credit bureaus that keep track of your credit inquiries to determine whether or not you pose a risk to lenders. Learn what a credit inquiry is, how...

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Having Someone Help You Fix Your Credit

A bad credit report and low credit score usually represent more risk to lenders. Still, a piece of factual information can guarantee better interest rates and loan terms from lenders and other service providers. That’s why people with bad credit histories seek out...

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Best Way to Shop for Credit When You Have Bad Credit

A low credit score can make shopping for credit cards, and you may resort to looking for lenders that are willing to sell you a credit line despite your bad credit. It’s not always a good idea. Besides buying a new foul credit line, you should opt for other credit...

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